BIPOC Artists on the Climate and Environment

Art Against Racism (a 501(c)(3) organization), invites artists to submit artwork for “Earth Song Refrain: BIPOC Artists on the Climate and Environment” an exhibition to be held at the Princeton Public Library in Princeton, New Jersey.

This exhibition presents the perspectives of visual artists and poets of color on the climate crisis and environmental challenges threatening the Earth’s health.  Inspired by Michael Jackson’s environmental anthem “Earth Song,” this group exhibition reflects a tradition of Black and Brown artists using art to address issues related to mankind’s behavior and relationship to the planet, including the consequences of global warming, environmental racism, and climate change.  “Earth Song Refrain” is both a call to action and a celebration of the resilience and creativity of those voices inspiring others to work towards a healthier planet.



Deadline to submit work: October 15, 2023

Notification of selections: October 18 , 2023

Drop off art: October 22 , 2024

Exhibition dates: Oct. 23, 2023 to Jan. 5 , 2024


  • Open to all BIPOC (Black, Indigineous, and People of Color) artists 16 years of age and older. All art must be original.
  • This will be a virtual and in gallery exhibition. There is no size limitation for art, however, size will be taken into consideration by the juror


  • A maximum of three pieces can be entered per artist.
  • Artwork must be in original form for the medium being submitted. Giclée or other reproductions of original work will not be accepted, unless the original is a photograph/print. Example: giclée of watercolor will not be accepted.
  • All artworks entered MUST include finished edges or be framed. Alternative presentations that are part of the artwork will be accepted however we must be able to hang or display the art. Typically all work must be wired across the back with picture hanging wire. Wire must be approximately 1/3 from top of frame. Saw-tooth hooks, ribbon, etc. will NOT be accepted. All pieces should be labeled with the artist’s name and the title of the artwork.
  • For videos and other digital media, we will need a version that can be downloaded.


Entry of artwork and application for review constitutes an agreement between the artist and Art Against Racism to the conditions set forth:

  1. The artist is responsible for Insurance coverage for accepted artwork.
  2. Art Against Racism and Princeton Public Library reserve the right to reject any work submitted at their discretion. The exhibit will be hung ion the walls at Princeton Public Library in a way that best showcases all the artists and art to be exhibited. Note: depending on size and space restrictions, not all work selected may be hung. Artists will be notified immediately following final installation of the exhibit if a selected work is not included or if any work submitted is not properly framed for hanging.
  3. Work not matching the digital images submitted will not be accepted.
  4. All artwork must remain in the show for the duration of the show.
  5. There will be set dates and times for drop off and pick up of accepted artwork. If you are shipping your art, prior arrangements must be made. Artwork must be sent with prepaid return postage and insurance coverage at the expense of the artist.
  6. Sale of Art
    • The Artist will be responsible for processing and collecting the sale proceeds of art..
    • Art Against Racism will receive 20% of the retail price as commission from the artist..  
    • Payment for sold work must be made to Art Against Racism within three business days of payment by purchaser to the artist.
  7. Art Against Racism and the Princeton Public Library retain the right to use the artist’s name and digital images of accepted artwork for communications and promotions.
  • It may be helpful to have the following information ready before you begin the form:
    — Artist info: name as it will appear on wall labels, contact information, website (if applicable),
    —  Bio 

 For each artwork:
—Title, medium, dimensions, sale price or not for sale, insurance value (usually the same as the sale price)
—Description of frame of finishing
—Artist statement about this artwork.  (This might include why you created this piece of art, your inspiration, materials used and/or your process, anything you would like to share about this work.)
—Describe how this artwork connects to the theme:
—Upload image (An image of each piece of artwork will need to be uploaded.  Make sure it is in focus and square to the frame.  Please rename the image file you are uploading to the following format: last name_first name_title of art.jpg.  Do not send us an image file name that is just a string of numbers.  If you need help to rename your image files, please call us.)
—AAR will work with the accepted artists to accommodate the mediums submitted. Artwork must be in its original form for the medium being submitted.

1) Fill out this form: 2024 Earth Song Refrain Entry Form