Through the arts, we educate and inspire communities to eradicate racism and create an anti-racist society.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Art Against Racism is a 501(c)(3) that harnesses the transformative power of the arts to educate and engage communities about the need to eradicate racism and creates an anti-racism.

We’re focused on ending the harmful impact of racism and white supremacy on Black people in the United States and, consequently, on the entire country by shifting the dominant cultural beliefs and norms. Our hope is to eliminate individual and systemic racism. We’re advancing toward this goal through art and art-related activities that educate communities about the importance of persistent and intentional anti-racist actions such as voting. And, also, we’re developing and supporting a national community of social justice minded artists.

We are eager to come into partnership with artists, art enthusiasts and patrons and anyone interested in racial justice. We believe that this movement requires action from people of all races and ages.

Our hope is that people will explore the galleries, explore the feelings that arise from pieces and discuss it with others in the communities and, ultimately, act against racism.

We’ll engage with and highlight artists through curated virtual and in-person experiences that create connection and advance our mission. Art Against Racism is also committed to creating experiences that cultivate artists from groups that are wonderfully diverse with respect to race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion and class.