Exercise your right to vote!

The upcoming election may be the most important of our lifetimes.

Art Against Racism in partnership with When We All Vote wants you to plan your vote and make your voice heard on November 3rd.

People gave their lives for your Right to Vote.

Stop Voter Suppression!

Voter Suppression is accelerating at an alarming rate all across the country. Art Against Racism in partnership with When We All Vote knows it’s your right to vote and discourages any and all attempts to keep people from the polls. Click here for answers to questions about your right to vote, and then plan your vote. Our lives depend on it!  

Be sure that YOU are registered and ready to vote in 2020.

Power the Polls!

Help Staff your Local Polling Place!

This year we face a record shortage of poll workers. Most poll workers in every state are over 60 years old, and more susceptible to the effects of the Covid pandemic. Our democracy relies on everyday people to help ensure the accuracy of the vote. It’s not about partisanship – it’s about ensuring that our communities have access and support for their right to vote. Poll workers are provided training, personal protective equipment and most are paid* for their service to the country. Young, healthy people – we need you!

Don’t stop there!

Volunteer to be a Voting Squad Captain!

Once you sign up, When We All Vote will be there every step of the way and provide the tools, resources, and training to ensure everyone’s voices are heard on November 3rd. When We All Vote will help you gain the structure, consistency, and guidance needed to make an impact.

Don’t forget to download your voting Squad Starter Kit, Be sure to note Art Against Racism when asked: Are you a part of an organization that partners with When We All Vote?