We welcome submissions of visual and performance art and representation of civic action on issues related to racial justice, including police violence, mass incarceration, African American history and civil rights, victims of racism and white supremacy and the community impact of systemic racism.

You can use your phone to submit your artwork. The deadline is Jan. 20, 2020. The submission process is further down the page.

Your creation will be part of a virtual exhibition housed here in the Art Against Racism exhibition galleries.

We look forward to seeing your art, murals, street art, music, poetry, and performance! 



Since George Floyd was murdered, artwork protesting Black lives lost to police violence have emerged all over the world. They include street art, projections, performances/spoken word/music, photographs, posters, murals, sculpture, quilts, crafts, temporary replacements for toppled statues, animations, bead works, digital projects, and more.

Art Against Racism, a nonprofit organization, invites you to participate in a nation-wide virtual exhibition of art by artists, community activists, and organizations created in response to the murder of George Floyd. Your submissions will document the power of this moment and will serve as a living archive for preserving the breadth of art inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.


Start by downloading the free Cinebody app (Apple) or (Android). Use CODE aar20 to register. Fill out the release form, which allows Art Against Racism to exhibit your work.

You can watch a free tutorial on using the Cinebody app (column to left) or just dive right in. Be sure to shoot your video in the horizontal/landscape orientation so that your video will look good alongside the work of other participants.

1) Using the Cinebody video app on your phone: tell us your name, the name of the artist(s) whose work you are shooting (if not yourself), the name of the project, and your location. Print on a piece of paper and shoot a video of this info!

2) Using the Cinebody video app on your phone: shoot video of your artwork! Make sure each shot is 10 seconds. Your shots will be automatically uploaded. You can delete your videos or upload new ones as long as the project is open. **While video is the preferred medium on which to submit your work, and will fit in best with this project, if you feel strongly that your work will look best on still photos, please see the FAQ on how to submit stills.

3) Using the Cinebody video app on your phone, record yourself or have someone record you on camera talking about Art Against Racism. What inspired you to make art about BLM?


Most frequent questions and answers

You can take as many shots as you want. See what they look like and delete the ones you don’t like. Make sure you’re holding your phone horizontally!

We do not espouse a singe simple definition of anti-racism. However, we recognize that for individuals anti-racism consists of a perpetual series of intentional acts which reject or dismantle notions of racial superiority and challenge the institutions and structures that maintain a system based on the concept of racial superiority.  Does your practice or work do that?

Participate anyway! We want to see what you’re up to that adds to the dialogue because it’s important. If you have begun it and can take a minute to give it a title and shoot it, then send it in.

Participate by adding your group name to your title card. One title card per artwork please. We need one person named for shooting the work. We need one person or group named as “artist.”

For those of you who shot videos of murals and public art made in response to BLM and will find it prohibitive to do again, feel free to upload the video into Cinebody. We want to share your work with the world.  

Absolutely! Be sure to include a visual component with music (if using artwork be sure you have permission to use it, please). Sound will of course be recorded along with the visual. Pick something relevant to point your camera at simultaneously (like a photograph or artwork in the public domain).

While we prefer video—it will look best in this project—we understand that some artists will feel strongly about submitting still images of their artwork. To submit still images, BE SURE THE FILE IS LABELED [ARTIST LAST NAME_FIRST NAME_TITLE], for example: Ponder_Rhinold_Hands Up, and upload the images to Dropbox (you do not need to have a dropbox account). Then, go back to Step 1 and on your title card be sure to indicate the images, by name, you have sent to dropbox. You must include this so that we can connect your images to your project.

Watch this simple tutorial to learn how to shoot B roll. And don’t worry—our team of editors will make it look good!

You can simply delete and start again.