Main Gallery (video)

Welcome to the Main Gallery for the Memorial.Monument.Movement virtual exhibition.  The creatives (including performing and visual artists and arts organizations and collaborations)  featured in this gallery are listed below.  This gallery consists of randomly arranged videos created, from artist submissions, by Art Against Racism videographers and videos published on-line by a variety of sources including artists, community organizations and news reporting agencies recording public art created in response to the killing of people of color by law enforcement and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement for justice and equity.  This exhibition continues with the Memorials and Monuments Gallery (the art collection) and The Movement Gallery of stunning photographic images.  (Please note that Art Against Racism continues to accept and review submissions to this exhibit.  Contact us at for submission details.)

Special thanks to the Art Against Racism Memorial.Monument.Movement exhibition volunteer videography team: Cynthia Groya, lead video producer, Aubrey Hoffman, Ilene Dube and Cameron Ferrara (producer of our livestream launch)