The Art of Black Joy: A Celebration of Life, Happiness and Culture (2024) Gallery

Black Joy, in essence, is a survival response to systemic and individualized attacks on a community’s humanity. Black Joy is an expression of resistance, resilience, hope and love for life and living. In this exhibition, visual artists share the diverse ways in which such joy manifests. It may be felt in the act of creating and self-expression; the beauty of athletic competition; the communal interaction and sharing in a market; self-examination in the mirror; enhanced time with family and loved ones; and in the abstraction of one’s imagination. And in its most exalted state, Black Joy is something that is shared beyond race or ethnicity. It is a gracious gift that can heal and bring people together if it is appreciated.

Artists Included in the exhibition: Robert Arbogast, Sejal Ashar, Tasha Branham, Marlon Davila, Leon Devero, Dellis Frank, Nancie Gunkelman, Nancy Lewis-Shell, Elizabeth Miller, Rhinold Ponder, Elizabeth Reynolds, Helene Ruiz and SERARI.